1. Checkbook Holder
Checkbook Holder
Checkbook Holder

Checkbook Holder

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Checkbook Holder
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Looking for a unique gift item? How about a monogrammed checkbook cover!

Insert Size: 6" x 3” 

This vinyl check book style includes a flap for duplicate checks. Various insert designs available.You may choose to personalize with one letter or first or a name. 

For personalization, Click Monogram Fonts to view available fonts or Click Embroidery Fonts and Click Thread Colors to view available colors.  Key in the initial, initials, or name as you would like it embroidered, the name of the monogram or embroidery font, the name of the thread color in the appropriate section.  Key in the Design Insert in the comment section.

Please contact us at (337) 363-1810 or customerservice@tincyscorner.com if you have any questions about the personalization and placing your order.