Tincy's Corner - New Beginnings

Posted by Lisa Deen on Mar 12th 2019

The name Tincy's Corner came from my mother's nickname "Tincy" (pronounced tine-cee). My mother was very creative with sewing, knitting, crocheting, ceramics, etc. She passed away at the age of 39 with breast cancer. I was nine years old at the time.

Business related activities have always been something I loved. I remember when I was growing up how much I loved garage sales. I always had to have my own little garage sale to sell my old toys with the garage sale my mom had. In high school I took only one year of Home Ec but I took every business subject I could possibly take. After Allen and I got married we had a video store next to our house in Grant Parish that I operated for a short period of time due to moving. After being out of high school for five years, I decided to go to college. YES, I majored in Business Education with a concentration in Computer Information Systems. I LOVE business that much that I wanted to teach high school kids about it. While teaching, I continued my education with a master's degree in Educational Technology. Computers were becoming the big thing in education. While I was teaching I still had the desire to have my own business. I opened a personalized children's book business. I attended several different craft shows. As our girls got older, life became busier so my business had to take a back seat. The passion and desire was still there though. Through teaching I became very involved in a high school student business organization called Future Business Leaders of America. The perfect opportunity to learn more about business, networking, and teaching others about business.

Then a move came in my teaching career after nine years at one high school. I was given the opportunity to teach at a private catholic school in Evangeline Parish. Allen and I and our two girls left Vernon Parish to embark on a new journey. I believe God led us here. We settled in Ville Platte, Louisiana with open arms from a wonderful town. Ville Platte is home!!

As I stated earlier, the passion and desire to have my own business was still there. With that being said, Tincy's Corner was created in July of 2010 with an Etsy shop online. It started actually in the corner room of our house on Whiteville Road in Ville Platte, LA. A friend of mine introduced me to all of the things I could make with my Cricut machine and vinyl, such as personalizing cake carriers, wine glasses, ceramic tiles, coffee mugs, etc. I introduced some of my items to the Ville Platte community, but the online sales on Etsy were awesome!!

In 2011 I decided to add a new line to personalizing items by embroidery. I only had one year of Home Ec in high school but embroidery did interest me. I purchased a sewing/embroidery machine that could only do a 4 X 4 area. I made my granddaughter a quilt and I embroidered my name on a piece of fabric to see what it was like. I immediately knew that a 4 X 4 area was not big enough for the things I wanted to do. So I sold that machine and purchased another one that would do a 5 x 7 area. After that I was hooked on embroidery. If you live in the South, everything has to have a monogram. Without a monogram, is it really yours?

In 2012 we moved from Whiteville Road out to Point Blue. I brought all of the goodies with me for Tincy's Corner to set up in the front room of our house. Our oldest daughter, Jessica was married with two kids and our youngest daughter, Melanie was in college. As I continued the embroidery, I also started applique and continued with vinyl personalization. As word spread about Tincy's Corner, the personalization continued but more customers wanted larger items monogrammed. The 5 X 7 machine was no longer big enough. So I purchased a 10 needle machine. I am still working in the education system as well. In February of 2014 Tincy's Corner was invited to join the team at Cottage Couture. I was a little hesitant because I had no clue how it would work out. Tincy's Corner grew at Cottage Couture from a small corner in the hallway to the full sunroom. In the meantime, Bitsy's Closet was also born in November of 2014. Bitsy's Closet is named after my Dad. Bitsy was his nickname when he was little. Bitsy's Closet is a children's clothing boutique for newborn to 4T. It was truly a blessing to be a vendor at Cottage Couture.

February 2015 I decided it was time to leave the education system. I applied for a position at a power plant. Not knowing anything about electricity but having a business background I got the job as the Administrative Support Specialist. I love working at the power plant. In April of 2016 a month before our youngest daughter's wedding, I had the desire and passion to go out on my own and open my shop in Ville Platte. I had been at Cottage Couture for 2 ½ years. In July of 2016 Tincy's Corner relocated to Main Street in Ville Platte. WOW!! Now I had to have someone operate the store while I am at my other job. Tincy's Corner has given some wonderful people the opportunity to learn about business and what it takes to run your own store. Even though I am not in education anymore, I still have the opportunity to teach others about business through Tincy's Corner.

Tincy's Corner has been on Main Street for over a year now. In just these past two weeks, I found out about a house for sale across the street from Cottage Couture (former law office). I was ready to make another leap in running my own business by no longer renting a building but actually purchasing my own building for Tincy's Corner. Yes, a DREAM come true!!! It has finally happened. We are in the process of moving as I am writing this bio. We are scheduled to open November 1, 2017 and yes, today is October 27, 2017. Remember, I am a very determined person and where there is a will there is way. I will make it happen!!

Additional Update since October of 2017:  Since we first opened in our new location on West Magnolia Street, Tincy's Corner has expanded a little more by becoming a vendor in a boutique in Eunice, LA - Beaucoup!!  We are able to offer our personalization to the customers in Beaucoup along with some of our own personalized items.  Also, Bitsy's Closet merged in with Tincy's Corner as one business.  We still call the newborn to 24 months room - Bitsy's Closet and we have another room for toddlers to youth size clothing.  I have named that room Pumpkin Doodle Creations.  The story behind Pumpkin Doodle is when my girls were small I started a day during the year, September 14 to be exact, to be Pumpkin Doodle Day!  You may ask well, what is Pumpkin Doodle Day!! Pumpkin Doodle Day is the day that you can do absolutely anything you want.  I even try to have days like this with my grandkids.

Before I close, I want to say that there is no way that all of this could not of happened without God, my husband, Allen, who is my lifeline and I don't know what I would do without him, my children, Jessica, Seth, Melanie and Wesley, they are always there for me when I need an opinion or help, my grandchildren, Genevieve, who loves to work in Tincy's Corner, Seth Jr., always wants me to make him a shirt, Brian, who also always wants a shirt, and Mary Catherine, who loves to run around and play in the clothes racks. Also to thank all of my family members (my mother-in-law, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, aunts, and uncles), y'all are awesome and always so supportive!

Thank you to all of my workers (past and present). It has definitely been a learning experience for all of us! I truly value you and our friendship!! Thank you to all of my friends and customers! You all hold a special place in my heart and have been a blessing to me and Tincy's Corner!!

So, this is my story! Who knows what will happen tomorrow, a month from now, a year from now, five years from now, etc! But I do know that I can do this because I have so many wonderful people behind me and "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13 Have a blessed day!