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Unbranded Tote Bag Bogg Style

$35.95 USD

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Stow your stuff in style. Great Gift Baskets!! Perfect for the beach, vacation, tailgating, and school!

MEDIUM SIZE 15" x 12.5" X 5"
LARGE SIZE 19" X 14" X 9.5"

1. These are unbranded bags. They are not Bogg bags. They are in the style of Bogg bags. They will not have Bogg branding anywhere on the bag. 

2. Straps won't be attached to the bags when they arrive to you. You will have to use the snaps / rivets provided to attach them. This prevents the straps from twisting and folding during packaging and transit. 

3. Due to the nature of shipping these bags to me, and then to you, bags may arrive misshapen. They will not be crushed or folded, but they will likely not be perfect upright rectangles either. Look carefully at the pictures below of how they are packaged to ship to me to get an idea of what to expect. I will not refund bags because the shape isn't perfect. I will only refund or replace for defects or order errors. EXPECT THAT YOUR BAGS WILL NOT BE PERFECTLY SHAPED LIKE A BOGG BAG ON A STORE DISPLAY OR PRODUCT PROMO PHOTOS. If you must have perfectly shaped bags, please don't order. 

4. You will need to follow the Bogg brand bags care guide posted below to help them maintain their shape. Exposure to high temperatures and/or leaning heavy items against them will affect the shape.

Please contact us at (337) 363-1810 or if you have any questions about the personalization and placing your order.